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The EDC Ink Pens

For the uninitiated, E.D.C. stands for Every Day Carry and is a popular topic of discussion regarding the need to always be prepared no matter the circumstances. EDC Ink™ is a line of high quality, rugged, and durable pens for your keychain or bag, designed so you will never be without one of the most used items in everyday life.


Rave Reviews

With the exciting success of our Kickstarter project, you can read all of the great reviews and comments by clicking here.




As a designer and someone that loves to travel I often find myself in need of a pen for quickly sketching an idea, making a list, or filling out the inevitable form.


This pen hides on your keychain and will travel with you everywhere allowing you to forget about it. It’s the perfect everyday will never have to ask to borrow a pen again!


The Inspiration

I'm a minimalist when it comes to what I carry and don't like to carry extra stuff or have to remember extra things. With this need in mind I started to look for a small/cool pen that I could carry every day without having to think about it and without it being too big and bothersome.

The Solution

After a lot of searching I couldn't find anything that met my needs so I decided to create my own compact pen which attached to my keyring.

Featured on:

We are very honored that EDC Ink was selected as one of the TOP 10 KICKSTARTER DESIGN PROJECTS OF 2014!


  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE - Go every-where size to fit on my keyring.
  • EASY TO REPLACE REFILL - Easily replace the ink refill without any special tools.
  • STANDARD INK REFILLS - Uses standard, easy-to-find refills.
  • THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT- rugged, durable, and reflect my appreciation for design and quality.
BLANK FORCES - Keychain Pen Opening - The Invisible Seam


These pens are made from the classic combination of 304 stainless steel and brass; the metals helped define the design and provided the inspiration for the pure, clean aesthetic. Every part is functional and simplified to the extreme. These pens utilize the raw metal’s natural characteristics and native colors to produce the detail accents of the tip and end screw.

The Invisible Seam

One of the things that everyone is impressed with is the "Invisible Seam". These precision machined parts fit together so perfectly that the parting line between the pen barrel and cap virtually disappear, resulting in an object that hides its identity until it’s used.

BLANK FORCES - Sketching with the EDC Ink pen - Detail Photo

Despite their small size, the precise fit and weight of the raw metals make them feel substantial, solid, and nice to handle.


Made in the USA


The EDC Ink pens are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Los Angeles, California to maintain the highest level of quality. 

These pens are precision machined on the same computer controlled machines that are used to create parts for the aerospace industry. Each part is inspected multiple times, then hand assembled to create the perfect travel companion.

EDC Ink Pen Sizes


The EDC Ink pens are available in two sizes: X1 and the slightly longer X2. All pens will come with the small stainless steel split ring already attached to the pen's cap making it easy to put it on any keyring.

BLANK FORCES - EDC Ink Pen Size Comparison- X1 vs. X2

X1 - Specifications:

X1 is the smallest pen and the one I carry (I have medium sized hands). It virtually disappears on your key ring. While the X1 is a bit small for a lengthy writing or sketching session, it is perfect for capturing an idea or jotting down items on your to-do list.

Length: 3.2" (81mm)
Diameter: 0.31" (7.9mm)
Weight: 0.83 oz. (23.6 grams)
Materials: 304 stainless steel body, brass tip, and brass end screw.

X2 - Specifications:

X2 would be better for people with large hands, people that plan to do more writing, or someone that doesn't mind carrying a slightly longer pen.

Length: 4" (101mm)
Diameter: 0.31" (7.9mm) 
Weight: 1.1 oz. (31.4 grams)
Materials: 304 stainless steel body, brass tip, and brass end screw.



I'm very excited to offer these pens in multiple engraved treatments that really elevate the pen to a piece of functional art which you get to enjoy and carry with you every day.


While I love the purity of this design on its own, I often have to measure things for my work, so I added both metric and imperial measurement scales on the PRO version. I have found this added function to be incredibly useful and right there where you need it.

BLANK FORCES - EDC Ink Laser Engraving Options

ABOUT THE ENGRAVING - This process uses a high powered FIBER laser to remove metal, so the engraving is actually recessed into the surface of the metal resulting in a permanent mark that also adds texture to the surface of the pens and provides more grip to hold the pen when writing.


Engraving Options

Click here to see the full range of engraving options to suit any taste.



The Perfect Gift


The perfect gift made easy, for yourself or a loved one... from birthdays to anniversaries. A unique gift that they will never forget, literally.

EDC Ink's precision, high quality, and usefulness means that your loved one will always have a beautiful and useful object to always remind them of you. EDC Ink is also beautifully packaged in an elegant gift box to make your gift even more special. 


The Perfect Gift for:

  • The guy that loves quality and functionality
  • The girlfriend that wants something unique to remind them of you
  • A couple's anniversary gift set
  • The college student; so they will be ready
  • Groomsmen or Bridesmaids;  so they can remember a special moment
BLANK FORCES - The Perfect Gift - the EDC Ink Pen Gift Box