The NEW Titanium "EDC Ink" Pens

The ultimate seamless & minimalist Titanium everyday carry pocket & keychain pens. Always be ready for your next big idea!


Available Now!

I have a limited number of the new Titanium 'EDC Ink' Pens that are now currently available. Click here to shop.

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Check out this short video showing how I make the new SILENCER version. Lots of closeups of the awesome seamless cap too!


Beautiful Engraving & New 'Blue-Flame' Finish

These new pens come in Pocket or Keychain version, two sizes, a range of engraving and finish options, so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you. See all of the engraving options here.

EDC Links

The EDC Ink pens have been featured on numerous cool gear websites

Two Sizes To Suit Your Needs

Made from real spaceship material: Ti 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium

You can get your Titanium EDC Ink pen in two sizes.

The Titanium EDC Ink • T1

  • Length: 3.2" (81 mm)

  • Diameter: 0.31" (7.9 mm)

  • Weight: 0.55 oz. (15.6 grams)

The Titanium EDC Ink • T2

  • Length: 4" (101 mm)

  • Diameter: 0.31" (7.9 mm)

  • Weight: 0.7 oz. (19.8 grams)


Missed the Kickstarter Campaign?

I have just completed the production and shipping of the new Titanium EDC Ink Pens to all of the 1500 Kickstarter backers. I have a very limited number of extra pens available now.