V2 • Titanium "EDC Ink" Clip, Pocket, & Keychain Pens

The evolution of minimal perfection. Now you can post the cap! Precision crafted, compact, and beautifully seamless.


These new pens are an evolution of my original and extremely popular "EDC Ink" (Everyday Carry) pens. Designed to always be with you and ready when you need them.

V2 - Titanium EDC Ink

This new design takes these beautifully minimal and seamless pens to the next level, by making them even more minimal while also adding the ability to screw the cap to the back of the pen. Making them longer when you are using them.



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CLIP Version • Deep Carry CLIP

I've worked very hard to completely integrate the clip into the minimal design of the pen. This elegant clip is fully functional and allows you to attach the pens to pockets, notebooks, bags, etc. The clip is cut from a solid piece of Grade 5 TITANIUM and hand finished. 

This "Deep Carry" Clip design also allows the pen to sit almost flush with whatever it is clipped to.

V2 - Titanium EDC Ink - CLIP version in action

V2 • Titanium "EDC Ink" CLIP

This is the new CLIP version with the SILENCER option. With this version, I was looking at ways to lighten the weight of the pen even more. The pattern is simple and allows you to see the inner workings of the pen, which is pretty cool! It takes a long time to drill all of those holes in Titanium!

V2 - Titanium EDC Ink - CLIP version with SILENCER Option


PRO Engraving

Add even for functionality with the engraving. Both INCH and MM measurement scales on the same pen. Available on the CLIP, POCKET, and KEYCHAIN versions.


The CLIP version is slightly longer than the POCKET & KEYCHAIN versions.
Material: Ti 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium

V2 - Titanium EDC Ink - CLIP version Dimensions
V2 - Titanium EDC Ink - POCKET & KEYCHAIN version Dimensions

The Invisible Seam

Even after making thousands of these pens, I never get tired of seeing the seam between the cap and barrel disappear. It is always fun to amaze friends with it too!

I machine the Titanium so precisely that the parting line between the pen barrel and cap virtually disappears, resulting in an object that hides its identity until it’s used.

The EDC Ink pens have been featured on numerous cool gear websites

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