For use as Keychains, Zipper Pulls, and more. Finally, a super cool and clean way to join your 550 paracord ends. These Titanium and Hex-Brass Paracord CORD LOCKS are perfect for making your own custom keychain, zipper pulls, or a great way to connect items to bags.

I made these for a project I'm working on, and loved using them so much... I think you will too.


Precision Machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium - Sure to last you a lifetime.

Create Your Perfect Titanium Keychain


Always have your keys poke into your leg? Using paracord instead of a metal ring for your keys allows your keys to more easily adjust to you and not poke into you as easily. 


Shown above with the Titanium EDC Ink pen - T1 Size Pen

Use as a Cool Zipper Pull


Easily add awesome zipper pulls to your bag. You can use any color 550 paracord. Below I use blaze orange cord so I can quickly locate my zippers even in low light. 



550 Paracord

Get creative. 550 Paracord is pretty awesome stuff... it is a super strong nylon cord, available in a large range of colors and options... even glow-in-the-dark. You can find it online or at most craft stores. I will supply a few extra pieces for you to use.  

paracord colors

Brass Hex Version

The Brass Hex version will darken and patina with time and use. 

How do they work?

They are very easy to use. The 550 paracord is cut to your desired length, then the ends of the cord are melted. The melting creates a hard plastic end to the cord. The cord is then guided into the specially designed inner chamber of the CORD LOCK, then a set-screw is tightened into the cord... locking it in place. It is very securely locked, and even pulling with all of my strength, I can not get them to come off.

Your CORD LOCK will come with the small allen wrench, a couple of extra screws, a a few pieces of Black and Blaze Orange paracord so you can easily install it, or swap out the cord. This allows you to make the cord the perfect length for your needs. 

Make it harder to lose your keys using brightly colored paracord.