Answers to the most frequently asked questions

How do I get a pen?

Fortunately with the success of our Kickstarter campaign, I am offering a selection of the limited production EDC Ink pens for sale. Please visit our online STORE to check availability, or sign up to our EMAIL LIST to be notified as soon as pens or new items become available.

I have been working hard to keep up with the continued demand for the EDC Ink pens, so please be patient as I ramp up production. Signing up for the EMAIL LIST and to our FACEBOOK page are the best ways to get first choice when new pens become available.

The STORE page is password protected, how do I get the password?

If you click on the STORE page of, and you are prompted to enter a password, we are currently out of inventory.  Signing up for the EMAIL LIST and to our FACEBOOK page are the best ways to be notified as soon as pens become available. This will also give you first choice of any new pens.

Can I get a pen that is sold out?

Each pen is made in limited production runs, and when an item or engraving pattern sells out, we may not make more. If you like a specific engraving pattern, I would recommend getting it while it is available as I cannot guarantee that it will be available again.

What refills fit the EDC Ink pens?

Both the X1 and X2 sized EDC Ink pens use the exact same ink refill. The refill size is called "D1".

The term "D1" refers to a standard ballpoint pen refill size. The standard "D1" refill is 2.6 inches (67 mm) long and 0.09 inch (2.3mm) in diameter. These "D1" refills come as the standard refill inside many compact pens and multi-pens. 

If you do an internet search for "D1 refills" you will see a great selection of fantastic refills that will fit both of the EDC Ink pens. Just make sure it is the D1 size. D1 refills are available from some great companies including PILOT, 

What refills do the EDC Ink pens come with?

Both the X1 and X2 sized EDC Ink pens come with the OHTO Needle Point refill (R-4C7NP). It has a 0.7mm tip. Please note that many of the photos on this website show the EDC Ink pens with the different Pilot Hi-Tec-C SLIMS refill. NOTE: The Pilot Hi-Tec-C SLIMS refill is no longer available in the EDC Ink pens.

Does the Fisher Space Pen refill fit the EDC Ink pens?

Yes! Fisher offers a few different size refills, and the one that fits the EDC Ink pens is the SU Cartridge. this ink refill comes long but has break points that allow you to shorten the refill to make it the D1 size that fits both the EDC Ink X1 and X2 pens. The Fisher Space pen refill is a pressurized refill that allows you to write underwater, upside down, and if you happen to need it... in outer space.

Does the Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill fit the EDC Ink pens?

Yes! Pilot makes different size Hi-tec-C refills. The one that fits both of the EDC Ink pens is the Pilot Hi-Tec-C SLIMS refill. Note, this is the 'D1' size refill... just make sure you order the 'SLIMS' version. It is a gel type refill.

What is your return policy?

With over 1500 pens shipped now, I am very happy to say that I haven't had anyone want to return their pens. To the contrary, many want to order more. If for any reason you are not happy with your pen, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days. Please be sure to contact me with any questions, problems, or if you would like to return your pen. I will do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your order.

How do you ship your pens?

I'm currently using USPS for both domestic and international shipping. Tracking information is also provided.

What size are the EDC Ink pens?

X1 - Specifications:

Length: 3.2" (81mm)
Diameter: 0.31" (7.9mm)
Weight: 0.83 oz. (23.6 grams)
Materials: 304 stainless steel body, brass tip, and brass end screw.

This is the smallest pen and the one I carry (I have medium sized hands). It virtually disappears on your key ring. While the X1 is a bit small for a lengthy writing or sketching session, it is perfect for capturing an idea or jotting down items on your to-do list.

X2 - Specifications:

Length: 4" (101mm)
Diameter: 0.31" (7.9mm) 
Weight: 1.1 oz. (31.4 grams)
Materials: 304 stainless steel body, brass tip, and brass end screw.

X2 would be better for people with large hands, people that plan to do more writing, or someone that doesn't mind carrying a slightly longer pen.

Can I get blue ink instead of black?

Yes, but you will have to order the blue refill separately. For me to offer as many different engraving patterns as possible, I have decided to offer the EDC Ink pens with only the black ink refill pre-installed. If you would like blue ink, you can purchase a blue refill separately.  

With all of the engraving patterns I am offering, and the two different pen sizes, I already have 17 different pens, and if I were to offer the option of ink color that doubles the number to 34. My goal is to get each of you want you want, but with my limited capacity it is most efficient to offer only black ink at this time. 

Can I get the EDC Ink pen without the hole in the cap?

Currently all of the EDC Ink pens come with a small hole in the cap with a small split ring pre-installed. This allows the pen to easily attach to any keyring. I have had a few people want the pens without the hole in the cap. I have to admit that it is pretty cool without the hole, but the cap is very small and it does not attach to the back of the pen (post) so it would be easy to lose the cap.  So I am not offering this option at this time.

When shipping internationally will i have to pay additional taxes/duties/fees?

Each country has different rules regarding the importing of goods and many do require the payment of additional duties, taxes, or fees when an item is ordered from outside of your home country. You will be responsible for these additional costs. You can use this free calculator to estimate your additional costs:

Please be aware that some countries postal services charge an additional fee on top of the duty to handle customs. You will have to cover this cost.

How do I change the ink refill in the EDC ink pens?

It is very easy to change the refill in the EDC Ink pens, you can use a flathead screwdriver (or if in a pinch, a small/thin coin) to remove the rear retention screw. This metal retention screw has a simple feature that very securely pinches the ink refill. With the retention screw out of the pen, simply remove the old refill, slide a new one in place and screw the retention screw back into the pen.

The laser engraving is rough to the touch, will it get smoother?

Yes! The laser engraving creates a rough texture on the surface of the pens, but very quickly (within a week or two) of being carried in your pocket with other items like keys and coins rubbing against it, it becomes much smoother to the touch.

Will the laser engraving rub off?

The laser engraving is permanently marked into the surface of the metal. Carrying and using the pens will cause the engraving to get lighter and smoother with time, but all of the detail of the engraving should remain.